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Presidents Post

Happy Labor Day to everyone. I hope you took time to think about those who came before us and fought for the rights we enjoy today! Workers have always been under attack and the unorganized have difficulties even though laws have been passed due to Unions proactive pressure on legislators to pass laws such as Workers Comp, Unemployment, OSHA, Civil Rights, Wages Laws, Overtime thresholds, and many others. Today workers continue to be under attack as corporations wish to revert many of those protections as needless regulation and profit costing uselessness. Corporations pay more on lobbyists in Washington than they do on taxes. Those lobbyists have convinced congress to reduce taxes on corporations dramatically. In the 1950’s corporation taxes comprised over 30% of the US government’s revenue, today it is under 8%. The working middle class has made up the difference. From the 70’s and 80’s we heard have tax breaks for the wealthy would trickle down to us. Has anybody found that trickle? The reason I bring these thoughts up is that the billionaire Koch Brothers just finished their conclave of millionaires and billionaires. In order to attend you must have donated a minimum of $100,000.00 to the projects such as Americans for Prosperity or Freedom Works (they have over 40 nonprofit organizations) that are design to win over the entire government to elite control. They want freedom. Sounds nice, but it is not freedom like you think. Their freedom is free from regulation, able to maximize profits whether polluting or injuring workers. And pesky things like Education, Social Security and Medicare should be abolished because they do not need them so they wish to be free from them. This is truly the purchase of our government just like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt and Mellon did in 1896 when they bought the Presidency of the United States for McKinley. Fate would intervene and save workers (there was no middle class) when McKinley was assassinated and Theodore Roosevelt would become President and become the GREAT TRUST BUSTER reducing the rich’s power over America. They say those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Well, we are, and it is repeating. In other news we are in negotiations at First Student and will be sending out info to our members through email. You can sign up through the website, . A strike vote will not be taken until our negotiators run into some difficulties at the table. Timing is important otherwise the company will not feel the urgency of the moment. Support your leadership as we work through the issues. At Mack we still have some difficulties as manning are not correct and part shortages continue. Do the best you can but if you are overmanned because of cycle time or model mix, make sure you write up what is not done. That write up protects you from failure to make a good faith effort. So far no one has been disciplined for bad manning or over cycled conditions and as such we have no grievance. We have the same goal as the company, to build the greatest truck in the world. We just need the right tools which includes the right part and the right manning. Your shop committee is on top of the Industrial Engineers and this are slowly getting fixed across the shop. Make sure your committeeman knows what your issue is and be patient. The order of assembly and times are being examined and fixed but it does take time. As school has started and we anticipate fall, enjoy the weather and the fall sport season. If your children play I wish them luck, and if you are a college fan, I hope your teams win. I love hearing the banter about professional sports as we have a diverse following in our shops! Stay united, stay strong! Yours in solidarity, Ed Balukas, President
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